Update 1.1 – The FROST Update – Is Live on Steam!

The update is pretty hefty! Read in-depth release notes here! Here’s a summary: * A new character – the ROCKETEER * 2 new unlockable CHARACTER SKINS * A new set of levels – the TUNDRA * A Wave mode stage set in the Tundra, with a set of NEW, UNIQUE ENEMIES * A new game […]

Blast Brawl 2 Heading to PAX!

Welcome back, Brawlers! This weekend, I’ll be at PAX East 2016, showing off a brand new version of the demo! If you’re there, come on down and give it a try! What’s more, THAT DEMO IS AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD! Come on, give it a try! Downloads: Windows Mac If you can’t really download it right […]

Kickstarter is Live!

The Blast Brawl 2 Kickstarter is LIVE! This is the culmination of a LOT of work for me! You can be a part of Blast Brawl 2 by going and backing NOW!

Demo Update!

A new demo is up! Wave mode has been updated, rebalanced, and has a new enemy and mode! Additionally, there is now radio in the game, featuring music from these fine gents!

New Update!

A new version of Blast Brawl is up for play! This version has a lot of new stuff: dynamic lighting! AI enemies! A protoype wave mode where you fight against said AI enemies! Character rebalancing! Is it great? You better believe it. Go to the Demo Page Now!

Trailer Is Up!

Finally! This trailer has taken forever to get done. But hey, I’m pretty happy with it! The music is “Battle” by the awesome retro synth group Dance With The Dead. Now, to go hunting for publishers…  

Gameplay Teaser

This gameplay trailer is taking a lot longer than expected (partially due to being pretty busy the past couple of days) so the new target is Saturday to get it done. In the meantime, I’ve put together a small teaser with the raw footage. Nothing big, but it shows a few kills.  

Demo 0.1.0a

Yaaaaay! After a REALLY long time, the first public demo is up. Due me completely rewriting all the menu and scene loading stuff, there’s some weirdness in there, and it’s going to need more polish before the kickstarter. But you can go play games with your friends (assuming you have a USB controller, of course)! […]