Update 1.1 – The FROST Update – Is Live on Steam!

The update is pretty hefty! Read in-depth release notes here!

Here’s a summary:

* A new character – the ROCKETEER
* 2 new unlockable CHARACTER SKINS
* A new set of levels – the TUNDRA
* A Wave mode stage set in the Tundra, with a set of NEW, UNIQUE ENEMIES
* A new game mechanic – FREEZING
* A slight redesign of the CHARACTER MASTERY process
* Various rebalancing/tweaks
* And finally, the most exciting feature – a BOSS FIGHT that previews the upcoming Adventure Mode updates!

If you have the Steam Version, go check it out!

Unfortunately, the Xbox version will be a bit behind. Not sure how long it will take for me to push the update through Cert, but I’ll keep you posted!

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