Blast Brawl 2 is a fighting game.

– Abraham Lincoln

Truer words have never been said! But most fighting games are a dizzying mess of intricate control schemes, confusing combos, and long periods of whittling down your opponent’s health until they die. Blast Brawl 2, on the other hand, takes all that arcane, abstract difficulty and focuses on a better, simpler style of gameplay.




If you take a hit, then you die. It is really an all-or-nothing thing.

– Mathatma Gandhi

First! There are no life meters here, no hit points, no damage percents. If you take a single hit in Blast Brawl 2 YOU DIE! Fighting is not about whittling down your opponent, it’s a mad dash to kill them before they kill you.




In Blast Brawl 2, simplicity of pure combat with few buttons makes for an elegant evening of fun.

– Tupac Shakir

Second! There are only a few moves for each character, which are all easy to perform.

Ninja-Vanish Attack: The character’s primary move to kill an opponent. Might be a sword slash, firing a bullet, a powerful punch, etc.
Ninja-Vanish Mobility: Helps the character move quickly around the field, and often helps them evade an attack. A character might jump extremely far, or leap to another point, evading attacks in between.
Ninja-Vanish Defense: A move that will prevent attacks from killing the opponent in some way. This might deflect an attack that hits if timed properly, or erect a shield to stop attacks from one side.
Ninja-Vanish Special: Each character brings their own unique mechanics to the battlefield, and the Special move helps make that a reality. Anything goes here – but you won’t be disappointed.

Though this list may seem simplistic, each character must form a strategy using each of their moves to the fullest potential.




The one thing I was most impressed and intrigued by was the sheer amount of depth and variety offered in the gameplay. Truly remarkable work indeed.

– Thomas Hobbes

Third! In Blast Brawl 2, there are a plethora of (planned) game modes and a dizzying sea of content! From multiplayer versus modes such as deathmatch, last man standing, juggernaut, and more, to single player training missions and co-op event challenges, I’m going to put a lot of stuff in this game! Hopefully ya’ll enjoy it.


NOTE: These quotes are not actually real, and should not be taken as such. However, they are totally what those people WOULD have said about the game, if only their sad lives had given them a chance.