Sniper IconThe sniper is a deadly ranged attacker that deals death from afar.




Sniper-Fire Attack: Assuming a firing position, the sniper can aim in any direction and issue a steady stream of long-range bullets.
Sniper-Roll Mobility: While on the ground, the sniper rolls forward, avoiding enemy attacks and moving a good distance forward.
Sniper-Kick Defense: Performing a spinning kick, the sniper can deflect melee attacks or bounce back projectiles. The wind-up can leave you open, however.
Sniper-Mine Special: The sniper places a small, easily-missed mine on the battlefield. It will explode when enemies walk over it – or when you manually trigger it from afar.



  • The sniper’s advantage lies in territory control. Careful positioning and mine placement allows the sniper to have a very defensive position.
  • Watch out for enemies knocking your bullets back at you. You can kick to return to sender, or evade with your roll.
  • The sniper isn’t the fastest or most agile, but a reliable double-jump can allow for some effective escapes and maneuvers.