Icon-NinjaThe ninja is a fast, agile melee assassin. Though incredibly nimble, to win tough battles he must be as clever as he is swift. A master of dirty tricks, his ability to turn invisible and dash through attacks allows him to always get the first strike. However, his limited range requires him to reach his opponents before they can land a hit- or get them to come to him.




Ninja-Attack Attack: A strong slash that cleaves opponents in two, this fast attack can also be used to move the ninja on the ground or in the air.
Ninja-Dash Mobility: A quick dash through the air in any direction, allowing the Ninja to reach far-off places. The very beginning part of the leap allows the Ninja to move through attacks harmlessly. Can be used in the air to extend a jump or chain with an attack.
Ninja-Parry Defense: The ninja spins his blade quickly. The first attack that hits while the blade spins is quickly knocked away harmlessly, and melee attackers are sent flying back while bullets are reflected to their owners. However, can leave the ninja open if timed poorly.
Ninja-Vanish Special: Emitting a burst of smoke to hide his escape, the ninja turns invisible for a few seconds, allowing him to evade or attack an unsuspecting opponent. Any action ends his invisibility, and his footsteps can give his position away, but used cleverly, this move can change the tide of a fight.



  • The ninja is the fastest character in the game, and has the best air control. Use his maneuverability to your advantage.
  • Invisibility is easy to use but hard to master. Though walking on the ground can give you away, jumping is untraceable (but harder to aim with).
  • The ninja can effectively triple jump if you use his dash and attack ability together while in the air. He can also jump around corners by changing the directions of both moves.